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How not to have a knitting day

So after a frazzled week I was all planning a concerted effort today during my at-home day to finish up the main knitting on my Blackberry Cardigan (what I am calling my execution of the Blooming Cardigan, since the yarn colourway is called blackberry). Except what ended up happening is that I got up and found no water in the house. One call to the city, one call to a plumber, another call to the (by this time after-hours hotline from the) city) later, and there is still no water, though there is supposedly someone coming “in a while” tonight. (I can’t imagine how someone manages with no water all damned day when there is more than one person in the house. For real. People need to wash things and flush things and bathe things).

While I’m sure all of this would have been way easier if it had been a daywhen my parents (whose house I am still living it at this point – score another point for my pride and ego, yes siree) were at home, but no, it’s just been little me. Although I do at least now know where the house water main shutoff is, so hey, I at least gained new knowledge.

Also, I would really love to know how many hours of training city operators go through to perfect their tone of voice just right to make it sound like a lack of water coming into my house is actually my fault.

Anyhoozle, the Blackberry Cardigan still looks mostly like this, with two as-yet unattached sleeves.


Sadly, it is not likely to be anywhere close to done by the time I leave at 0-dark-hundred on Saturday morning for my flight to DC, which bums me out majorly as I was hoping to clean that part of my slate and knit fresh on my vacation time. Siggghhhhh.

One would hope water will eventually return to the premises, as I would dearly love to shower before my work day tomorrow, and at the very least before I expose myself to the horrors and evil stresses wonders of airline travel, but we shall see.

If you were me, and trying to erase WIP guilt through new travel knitting (I still have the Sanquhar gloves and another pair of complex socks in progress that are likely to neither travel well nor be finished anywhere near this weekend), what would you bring? I’m seriously open to colour suggestions, even.

But in any case – knitter down and out for tonight…Catch you again on the flip side of my DC trip if not before!


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