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Knitting as Lifeline, part 9,261

Things to do while procrastinating on mountain of grading and lecture-writing which has not gotten smaller nor is likely to get any smaller between now until the end of time:

1. Celebrate completion of Charade socks.


Congratulate self on perfect fit, pleasant bright colours, and lovely stitch execution. Ignore annoying pooling of Cherry Tree Hill at gusset.


2. Celebrate socks as first Finished Object in three weeks. (Bless me knitting goddess, for I have sinned, it has been three weeks since my last Finished Object). Contemplate other remaining projects and their states of 3/4 done-ness and ponder how fast it is reasonable to assume they will reach state of 100% done-ness.

3. Dump stash onto floor (subsection: Mission Falls 1824 wool). Mourn loss of Cloth & Clay LYS whose closing provided much of said stash.


4. Immediately start planning two sweaters, one scarf, and multiple hats. Ponder how many could be completed before Saturday departure for DC trip. Reduce plans to one scarf and one hat.

5. Ponder how soon is too soon to start planning Rhinebeck Sweater for 2009.

6. Recall Blackberry Cardigan still in state of 3/4 done-ness and curse self for not finishing old projects faster, in order to accommodate various whims and newfound stash affairs.

7. Finally face fact that starting five new projects will not, in fact, have side effect of getting any Real Work done. Grudgingly return to desk.

8. Keep ball of yarn nearby for clutching purposes. Just in case.

How’s your Monday?


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Things to do when your life isn’t exciting enough

If you thought just plain knitting in public was subversive and hilarious, clearly you’re still thinking like a person who wears pants. I’d thought knitting in public was awesome, but I see now the error of my mistake. We should be pantsless.

I know a group did this in Toronto as well as New York (above), but dang. That’d be one memorable subway ride, for sure.

Knitting-wise, I’ve got lots on the go but nothing finished, and my bloggable thoughts seem to be at a low this week. Here’s hoping some FOs will come into the play next week! In the mean time, keep the knitting close by and thank goodness the weekend’s here soon.


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Silent Poetry Reading

For the last few years bloggers out there have been doing the Silent Poetry Reading in honour of St. Brigid, patron saint of poetry, on February 2nd, and every year I forget about it until it is too late. I am all too distracted by the Groundhog Day association (apparently 3 of the key North American groundhogs all predict a longer winter, so I guess that settles that). But this year, I have remembered, ta da!

The first poetry I was ever exposed to came from children’s books, of the Dr. Seuss and A.A. Milne variety, but there was also Shel Silverstein. I still have several of his humorous ones memorized, and still think they’re brilliant. I’ve been having trouble choosing one, but in the end – short and sweet is always good on a Monday, yes?

Early Bird

Oh, if you’re a bird, be an early bird
And catch the worm for your breakfast plate
If you’re a bird, be an early early bird –
But if you’re a worm, sleep late.

(From ‘Where the Sidewalk Ends’, 1974)

Get out there and catch the worm, my friends. (Or sleep late).


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Save yourselves

It’s a dangerous world out there, my friends. The world of yarn stores is seductive. Sure, you might have the best intentions in the world, you might tell yourself that you’re just going along to keep a friend company on her last Toronto yarn crawl ever before she moves away…You might even get out of the first stop relatively unscathed, with just DPNs and a spare cable needle. (You keep losing your cable needles).

And then, you’ll get to the next stop, and your willpower will suffer a blow. All those weeks you’ve been resisting stash enhancement, despite the Boxing Day sales and the January inventory sales and all the other tricks those yarn shops will throw at you…You’ll get there and discover the Lexie Barnes bags are on a ridiculous colours-retirement sale, and you’ll cave.


(It’s great. It’s totally coming to DC with me in two weeks as a carry-on handbag.)

But that won’t be it, no no. You’ll get to the cash and discover the conveniently impulse-purchase-located Tanis sock yarn, and the colour that would be ever so perfect for that pair of gift socks you need to make…


Then you’ll travel just down the road a bit and, what ho? You’ll discover their Tanis worsted. And you’ll think, gee, one skein would make a super cute pair of mitts…but then it’ll need a hat to match…And, well…


That’ll be that. Keep alert, my friends…it’s a dangerous world out there for knitters.


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