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And then

So, no word of a lie, this time yesterday my biggest accomplishments for the week, outside of having only one more workday left to survive, was that I’d won a free drink in Roll up the Rim and that since Saturday I’d found a cumulative total of $0.39 in loose change on the sidewalk.

And then yesterday afternoon Stephanie blogged about my super fannish little sock pattern, and then my blog stats exploded and I logged on this morning to discover that the number of Viper Pilots projects and queues on Ravelry had doubled, and then I had to go get that tea and have a little sit down for a bit.

And then it occurred to me that it is entirely possible, given that I didn’t manage to get the pattern out sooner, that (like Stephanie) there are handfuls of knitters all over fandom frantically trying to knit as much of this pattern as possible before tonight’s final episode, who have (let’s face it – I know how long it took me to knit these) no hope of finishing by tonight…

And you know, I think that’s fine. The fun part of being a passionate television fan in this moment that we’re in, is that you can keep on going back to it as many times as you want. If you’re knitting these socks, you know you’ll be watching those DVDs again, or you’ll be rediscovering it while converting encouraging your friends to watch, or even if you don’t watch again you’ll have put your memories of the show into the knitting process, and I think that’s the best part. The insanity never dies.

I’ll be watching tonight in the company of a few friends and am going to enjoy the fond farewell. Then this weekend I’ll clutch the knitting and look forward to a bit of a re-watch sometime.

I hope you’re enjoying the pattern if you’re knitting it, and if you have no interest in BSG whatsoever – with any luck there will be a finished Climbing Vines Pullover in this space by my next post. Is it wrong to keep wanting to knit sweaters when impending spring tells me different? If so, don’t tell me. Some insanity is a little bit comforting.

Catch you on the flip side of the finale, my imaginary knitting friends!


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