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I Want to Want To

I’m having a bizarre week, knitting-wise. I started out on a bit of a high, having finished the Climbing Vines Pullover in just a touch over 2 weeks’ time (boo-yah). I even started toying with a sock design idea, and was spending all my bedtime reading poring through books like A Fine Fleece (Portland or Staghorn?) or Knitting Vintage Socks (finally my long-stashed Schaeffer Anne can come out of hibernation and be Gentleman’s Stockings) or looking through all the shawl patterns I’ve been stacking up for a year (Norwegian Woods shawl, I’m coming for you.)


But the heavier work days of my week take their inevitable toll, and I always seem to arrive at Thursdays a little less motivated. I want very much to knit things, all things, anything…and yet when I sit down to do it I feel a little restless, resistant, even dare I say it, reluctant. Not the most fun place ever, for a knitter.

It could be related to my fatigue over having had the same socks in my travel-knitting pouch for over a month. I cast these Jaywalkers on in mid-February during my DC trip, and although the first one practically fell off of the needles, the second one has spent much more time tucked away in its bag than actually being knit upon. It’s not their fault, they’re lovely socks and the Lorna’s Laces is my go-to for Jaywalkers. But a month and a half starts to wear on a person.


Or, maybe, just maybe, it’s a colour thing. I’ve spent the last two weeks looking at a whole lot of teal blue, and while that’s been lovely as a first step into spring, I can’t help but notice my most recent yarn acquisitions look a little bit different…


These are a beautiful purple-pink skein from Tanis Fiber Arts, from the Robyn’s Nest March sock club, and two skeins of Lorna’s Laces from Red Bird Knits in the Flamingo Stripe colourway that I’ve been coveting for a while. Purple and pink – I like the sound of that. Now if I can just get the other socks finished first…hmmm…

I hope your Thursday has whatever colour yarn you want. Keep the knitting close by!


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