Daily Archives: April 13, 2009

I’m so glad I’m a knitter

Because if I wasn’t a knitter, I’d never have discovered or been able to keep re-discovering how awesome it is to turn a messy pile of string into a beautifully blocked lace shawl. (Oyster Bay is finished, the Tanis Fiber Arts fingering weight is absolutely delicious, and the whole works is waiting to dry and almost ready for its final shoot.)


If I wasn’t a knitter I wouldn’t have the good fortune of making hard choices such as whether to do another shawl, or finish the socks first, or finally cast on for that fair isle sweater I’ve been telling myself for the past year I was going to start ‘next’.

If I wasn’t a knitter I wouldn’t be making things that look like this. Enough said, right?


I’m so glad you’re all knitters, too.


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