I’m so glad I’m a knitter

Because if I wasn’t a knitter, I’d never have discovered or been able to keep re-discovering how awesome it is to turn a messy pile of string into a beautifully blocked lace shawl. (Oyster Bay is finished, the Tanis Fiber Arts fingering weight is absolutely delicious, and the whole works is waiting to dry and almost ready for its final shoot.)


If I wasn’t a knitter I wouldn’t have the good fortune of making hard choices such as whether to do another shawl, or finish the socks first, or finally cast on for that fair isle sweater I’ve been telling myself for the past year I was going to start ‘next’.

If I wasn’t a knitter I wouldn’t be making things that look like this. Enough said, right?


I’m so glad you’re all knitters, too.


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30 responses to “I’m so glad I’m a knitter

  1. nestra

    That is beautiful! Inspiration for me to finish some of the lace I have OTN.

  2. Huzzah, huzzah for knitting! The shawl looks gorgeous, and the hot pink puts a very different twist on the pattern.

  3. Trine

    Wow, that’s stunning! I love this shawl and pattern. :) Also really like that pink colour, so vibrant. I wish I had more time to knit. Stupid uni. I’m sure you know how it is!

    At least I can keep stashing. Just keep stashing, just keep stashing, just keep stashing, stashing, stashing…

  4. It is beautiful! Good work! All that fushia I see makes me want to knit something in that color too! It must have been fun! Congratulations!

  5. ladyoctavia

    It looks fantastic!!

    (I vote shawl … welcome to the dark-side)

  6. Absolutely stunning piece of work! Maybe one day I’ll have the courage to try lace like that. For now, I’ll have to be content with finishing my feather-and-fan scarf.

  7. Barb

    Fabulous! I love knitting shawls, so I say go for another one! Just don’t do what I tend to do, which is to cast on and start something before finishing what’s already OTN – you know it’s bad when you have *five* sets of interchangable needles, and no size 6s available :)

  8. Beautiful and I love the colour!

  9. Amen!

    And Hallelujah!

    And – what you said!

  10. So gorgeous! And the colour is just spectacular!!

  11. mariajhmom

    I’m so glad you can share and inspire. Thanks!

  12. Brilliant combination of color and pattern — really original.

  13. Mmmm, I saw this earlier on your Ravelry page, it is absolutely beautiful!

  14. harddaysknit

    It is gorgeous. I LOVE the color and pattern. Perfect for Spring!

  15. It’s beautiful, and knitting is a kind of magic isn’t it??

  16. It’s gorgeous Glenna!

  17. Kai

    Yep, it’s great being a knitter!

    Love the shawl.. gorgeous and pink!! :)

  18. Once again, so impressed by you! It is beautiful!

  19. Beautiful, can’t wait for modelled shots

  20. WOW! It’s just beautiful. I think I’m glad you are a knitter too, so I get to enjoy such a pretty FO. :)

  21. That is the perfect color of raspberry.

  22. Gorgeous!! That colour is lovely. I was feeling the exact same way last night, as I blocked out the recently completed swallowtail shawl. I don’t have any FO pics yet, but the giddy feeling of seeing all that lace reveal itself….ah, so satisfying!!!

  23. It’s gorgeous! I love the color too. :)

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  25. Hi there I found this site just by accident looking at the beautiful knitting that you do .The swallowtail shawl is fantastic would like to make one myselfbut cannot find the pattern only the admiring comments that people have made , can you help me I live in Cornwall England would be so grateful thankyou Pauline Penhaligon
    Sunday 13;10