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An interruption

So, as it turns out, knitting half of a fingering-weight fair isle sweater in 10 days will give you a bit of burnout. (Hands up, everyone who’s surprised). By Tuesday morning as I was rounding the final stretch of the first sleeve, my just-one-more-row-itis was waning and my arms said O hai there we are sore so I had to pause on Autumn Rose for a few days. In the meantime I have had a fair amount of thought space freed up for twitchy self-doubt such as

a) what if, despite swatching efforts, gauge is wrong and it is turning out too snug;

b) what if, despite swatching efforts, colours are all wrong and that clover green shade is too electric to be used as the main shade, or

c) what if I maybe should not have tried to knit half a fingering-weight fair isle sweater in 10 days.


Since I tend to get over bouts of knitting ennui best by working through unfinished projects, I decided to just push through and finish up the Gentleman’s Fancy Socks which have been on my needles for over a month – mostly due to infrequency of knitting.

The pattern is a definitely an attractive and versatile one, and I can see why it is so popular. I would like to knit them again, although with this particular pair I think the gauge turned out more snug than I would like – possibly due to either the nickel-plated 2.0mm DPNs or the thin Schaefer Anne yarn, or some combination of the two. I ended up with enough horizontal stretch on the foot that I needed to add length before starting the toe – lots of yardage on the Schaefer Anne, so no worries there, it was more a matter of time and mental effort to get these suckers done.


I like this yarn and would knit with it again, but will definitely go up at least one needle size, possibly two. There’s enough nylon and mohair in this stuff to make it pretty sturdy on its own, so I think it can handle a slightly drapey gauge. I’m going to look out for it again, possibly for another pair of these same socks.

This makes the 6th pair of finished socks so far for 2009 and dang I’d like to see that number get higher in a hurry. I need to finish at least 4 more before the Sock Summit in order to reach my goal of more finished socks going “out” than my sock yarn purchases coming “in”. I’m also glad to finish these off by this week since next Tuesday I am signed up to take Cat Bordhi’s class at Lettuce Knit in Toronto, and I’m sure that’ll stretch my sock knitting brain in a few new directions.

Now…time to get back to the Autumn Rose for round 2. We’ll see how the pacing goes. Happy Knitting on this Sunday! And Happy Mother’s Day to those out there with kidlets.


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