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We interrupt this knitting geekery for regular geekery

Particularly in the summer when mainstream TV goes on hiatus, I tend to go through bursts of DVD watching or re-watching as I knit. Lately it’s been the X-Files, and since I finished off Season 8 last night (which, interestingly enough, goes by pretty fast when you skip half of it) and still haven’t gotten around to purchasing Season 9 so I can finally see for myself just how desperate the X-Files’ last gasps are, this leaves me looking around for something new. I think I might have to go back to Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I’m not sure why, it could be just be because I haven’t watched it in a while. Or, it could be this really kickass tee that arrived for me:


Now, admittedly I have not (yet) read the Twilight books, so I can really only account for the Buffy part of this equation and not Edward, but I suspect it is only a matter of time before I just have to read them and know, to experience the phenomenon for myself. Like the printed word version of a deep-fried mars bar. But isn’t it some universal fannish law that Buffy > you? I thought so.

The other thing that came in the mail was my order of Moo mini cards, which I want to bring with me to the Sock Summit in August. They are lovely, and I had a lot of fun picking knitting pictures to go on them. It’s like my own little project gallery in handy contact-information form. The only recommendation I have if you order a set of these for yourself is…double-check your info. I spent several minutes writing in the ‘y’ at the end of my email address. Oops.


And now, I had better go make peace with the fact that it is actually June and that May is not coming back. At least I have yarn to break my fall. Keep the knitting close by!


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