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There and back again

I’m back now from Halifax, and let me tell you there is nothing like a bit of travel to remind yourself about the big-ness of Canada. I left Halifax yesterday when it was gloomy and grey and rainy, and stepped off the plane in Hamilton into a sunny, cloudless, blazing hot summer. It seems June has finally arrived, despite my fervent hope that we were going to just stay at about 23 C forever and skip the hot humidity…this just means my knitting plans are going to have to drift a little more intensely towards the ‘small’, and dang that Autumn Rose pullover is going to need to get finished in a hurry before I start to dread the sensation of a heap of wool in my hands.

But I digress. I can report once again, that Halifax is a lovely spot for a knitter to spend time in. I found yarn shops, naturally – I believe LK Yarns remains my favourite, and I enjoyed going back there. They had some sport-weight wool that I needed for some Sock Summit homework, and I had a very nice chat with the owner.


Another nice find across the river was Tangled Skeins (picture above), in Dartmouth (have been unable to locate a website for them but someone please feel free to correct me), which my hosts obligingly drove me to. It really is a good little shop. They’ve got a fantastic variety for such a small space, and a skein of Malabrigo silky wool came home with me from amidst some very tempting wares. You’ll find Cascade, Mountain Colors, Noro, lots of different things there.

And when you get tired of yarn (I’ve heard that it can happen), there are also cupcakes (a peppermint one seen here from Susie’s Shortbreads, from their Saturday market stall):


And then when you get tired of eating things (perish the thought), you can check out some of the awesome used bookstores. I carted home quite a few from Doull’s, where you could easily lose an hour or more of your life just browsing through the shelves and stacks.


And more than that, I finished a pair of socks and started a shawl, which is so far going swimmingly. More on that next time!

I hope your week is starting off well. What’s the newest project on your needles?


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