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Needs more shawls

As delightful blogger Cyn so fantastically summed up in her post yesterday, “if you’re not knitting a triangular shawl right now, YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG.” Well, nyah-nyahs to me, because I am doing it right. I am knitting a triangular shawl right now, and in fact it is on the homeward stretch of being finished.

What shawl, you might wonder? Well ladies and germs, it is the ubiquitous Swallowtail Shawl by Evelyn Clark. I think that just about everyone in knitting land has made this shawl. In fact, even if you haven’t made it, I think you should double-check because you may have actually made it when you weren’t looking. There are over 4,400 of these babies on Ravelry and I can see why. It is lovely.


Well, that it is, it is lovely until you get to that first round of the freakin’ nupps. Increase 4 sts into 1 st? No problemo. Then on the next round, p5tog into that same stitch? Pah, no problemo….sort of. After those first 2 rows completing the first set of nupps, I was considering how I would feel tossing it out the window and letting the birds carry it off for their nests, that is how agonizing the first set of nupps was. I immediately grasped the rationale behind so many knitters’ decisions to replace those nupps with beads.


But then, it got easier. The next set was better, and then the next set after that was better, and now I feel comfortable saying “I have nupped.” The thing that is worrying me now, interestingly enough, is the quantity of yarn. I still have what feels like a hefty quantity of the Handmaiden Sea Silk left (delicious, but also tres chere), and I would hate to have a huge amount of leftovers. (Mind you, I would also hate to run out. Please knitting karma, please be gentle).

In any event, I should discover the answer soon enough, because I am now on to the 2nd lily-of-the-valley repeat and then have the border edges to go. And then, a 2nd triangular shawl of the season will be mine. This may end up being the ‘Summer of Shawls’ that I wanted last year to be, and wouldn’t that be exciting?

Needs more shawls.


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