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Stupid material limits of reality

Do you ever feel as though you are sort of getting screwed over by the space-time continuum? Like, your psychological pace at getting things done and having the thought process and committing to projects seems normal to you but then you insert yourself into the real world and everything skews a bit and you suddenly think HEY where did all my nice time go?

Yeah, that’s about where I am now. In my head, I have knitted at least a dozen sweaters so far this year. In reality, I am still on my third. In fact, my impulses at the moment are almost entirely sweater related, either for those currently on the needles (Autumn Rose, still very close to done and yet not quite), those I’d like to have on the needles (have so far narrowed this down to…every sweater pattern in existence), and those I’m designing in my head (no fewer than three, at least this week).


Much of this has been supported by a bit of stash diving the last few weeks. I’ve been reminding myself of what I have and what I wanted to knit with it, and this along with a few sales (danged Canada Day savings) has resulted in a few piles forming by my visible stash shelves. ‘Oh yeah, you were going to be an awesome cardigan, you should stay right there so I’ll remind myself to knit with you.’ ‘Oh, but YOU on the other hand, you’re meant to be a cropped jacket, so I’ll get to you soon too’…’But oh, you were meant to be a shawl, well clearly I’ll need to start that right about now as well…’

Unsurprisingly, this creates a sort of backlog of momentum and despite the fact that the knitter in my head has already accomplished these things, my actual hands are rather limited.

This may explain why, yet, when I pick up my needles or make a step towards casting on something new, it is not sweaters, it is socks. Socks appear deceptively smaller than sweaters, despite their stitch count, and I am sure they appeal more to me in the warm weather than bulky sweaters do. Not to mention, the Sock Summit is coming up and is giving me the best excuse ever to frolic with the sock yarn love.

But the sweaters…and shawls…oh and maybe even a knitted dress, yeah, I could make a knitted dress…And more socks…

Excuse me, I’ll just be over here in my stash ignoring the material limits of reality for a little bit longer. You can come too, it’s great over here. Stay quiet and we’ll try not to spook the calendar.


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