Big Day Ahead



Sock Summit is here, the knitters are arriving, and registration is already in full swing. There is a friendly energy around, whenever you encounter another Sock Summit goer. Today will be Day 1 of classes, activities, and general high-intensity frolicking…


Yesterday I arrived, registered myself up, and then had dinner with my uncle who lives nearby who I haven’t seen in many years. It was a fun time, and I’m glad I did.


More evenings of knitterly fun lie ahead. Now let’s pretend I’m on completely full night’s sleep, shall we? Right. More later…


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8 responses to “Big Day Ahead

  1. LadyO

    So lucky! Enjoy and report back in great detail.

  2. Marissa

    Can’t wait to hear all the “socky” details. Have fun!

  3. meshaliu

    I can’t wait to see your recap! Have fun!

  4. I am so jealous! Please share with us!

  5. Tina

    Lucky, lucky girl! Hope you have fun!

  6. Melina

    I like the stitch marker on your sock.

  7. Hoping to see you this weekend!

  8. C.

    Have a great time! Sounds exciting…