Daily Archives: August 18, 2009

Oh my.

So, okay, so Knit Picks came out with new shades of their Palette fingering weight. So, okay, I might not be biggest fan of some of their other yarns, but Palette sort of owns permanent real estate in my stash, and i’ve done three fair isle sweaters with it now and I love it. So, okay, after a few years of gradual and delightful stashing, I already own an unreasonable amount of this yarn. But artists need a palette and cooks need a pantry and knitters need yarn…And fair isle knitters are totally justified in owning a wide palette for their potential canvas.  (They ARE TOO be quiet back there.) So, okay, so I ordered another dozen balls of it.


But, um. I just wish fingering-weight colour-work knitted up a little faster than the rate at which I seem to stash the supplies.

If my stash comes to eat me in the middle of the night, please know that despite its actions as a result of mistreatment and neglect at my hands, I’ll still want it to go to a good home. Maybe I’ll just go hug it to reassure it that I still love it and I’m definitely going to knit it all really soon. And, uh, right along with dealing with all that stupid real life crud that I am forcing myself back to now that my post-Sock Summit haze has cleared. Real life gets me every time. And maybe also this other sweater, shawl, and two pairs of socks I’m already knitting.

I’d better get busy.


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