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In New York, quickly

1. After a self-shortened but tiring work week I made it yesterday afternoon to New York City, in happy anticipation of Rhinebeck this weekend. Very excited about Rhinebeck. Less excited about the pouring rain of yesterday.

2. But apparently Southern Ontario is already getting snow, and I am conflicted about whether I prefer the rain.

3. I am still so indecisive that I wound up not one but two colourways of my Lorna’s Laces (the Jimmy’s Journey and Vera) to choose for my next pair of Jaywalkers.

4. And then bought more at Knitty City anyway. (Valentine and Montrose. Mmmm, Lorna’s Laces)


5. Also arrived yesterday in time to finally pay a visit to the Guggenheim museum.

6. Fun fact: Did you know the Guggenheim is closed on Thursdays?

7. However, the Metropolitan Museum of Art is not closed, is just down the street from the Guggenheim, and has a cool Vermeer exhibit and newly re-opened American Wing, where you can finally go see that cool Tiffany glass window and all the neato sculptures.



8. I finished Cassidy in time to bring along for Rhinebeck backup, which may have been better foresight than I realized since it’s made with Ultra Alpaca and reports are calling for actual snow on Saturday. But it still wants buttons and a proper photographing.


9. So I spent a couple of frantic days of knitting time before I left making up a Slouchy Copy Cat beret so that I would have a Rhinebeck hand-knit that I could actually show off on the outside of my coat.

10. But it turns out Rebecca’s kitty liked it too so I haven’t been able to photograph it properly yet either.


11. Am now frantically trying to finish a scarf to match. Some would say folly, I would say “ambitious.”

12. Will now commence attempt to insert self fully into knitting world and forget this “real world” everyone talks about. Rhinebeck, here I come!


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