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Don’t just sit there, learn something

I like taking pictures. I always try to have photos in my blog posts, and feel a bit odd whenever I have a text-only post up here. When knitting and yarn and things related to those form about 95% of your subject matter, it’s hard not to include pictures. And I don’t think my photos are terrible, necessarily, but I do think they could be better. Especially when so many knit-bloggers with such awesome photography skills abound. (I mean, Michelle never produces photos that are not stunning, and Elspeth produces Project-365 pics that would already be fabulous if they weren’t mostly self-timed, self-composed shots). And I’ve always wanted to learn more about photography and get better at it.

So, yesterday, finally, I took my first gen-youu-wine photography class, on Composition. It reaffirmed for me that a) Despite my newbie-ish-ness, I am not a complete and total neophyte about photography, and b) In my opinion, blogging with photos allows for some different composition rules than traditional rules might dictate. (When is a simple shot always the best one, when it comes to blogging, I ask you?)



Having said that, the class did teach the basics of composition, and rules like ‘thirds’ and framing and balance, and so forth, and these are all things that I could stand to practice more often. I also determined that while I do not own a DSLR camera (yet…just gimme another paycheque or so and a bit more sucking-it-up to walk into the camera store with all my questions and wide-eyed-ness), my little point-and-shoot does not entirely suck, and in fact does have some moderate programmable settings that I have not been using to best advantage.



So on my way home I tried to play around with those a bit and a 25-minute walk turned into an hour or so, and I grabbed a few shots trying to think through all the Composition tips we’d talked about in class. And it was a cloudy but decent fall day, the sort of day when the wind and leaves are just right but in another week or two all the fallen leaves will have turned to mush, so it was a decent walk. I should really do this more often.



What about you, folks? What sort of camera do you use? Have you taken steps to go out and get some mad photography skills? What do you like best in your own photographs?


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