Daily Archives: November 22, 2009


1. The generous folks at Canadian Living have made the Mulled Wine Mitts pattern available to everyone for free, through their website online. Go here for the free pattern goodness and knit fingerless mitts to your heart’s content! (Never fear, though, the few of you who won a copy of the magazine – it is still on its way to you! With all the additional recipe and home goodness.)

2. I am finally taking the plunge and putting on the hat of ‘knitting instructor’, and will be (perhaps unsurprisingly) teaching a class on steeking at The Purple Purl – in 2 sessions, this coming Saturday and next – and there are still a couple of spots available. Come on, you never had so much fun cutting up your knitting. All the details can be found here. And heck, if I don’t completely blow it maybe they’ll have me back to do it again. Heh.

(2b. Anyone looking for a refresher or first-time-out demo on how to knit two-handed, with one colour in each hand, would be well served with this video from the fine folks at Philosopher’s Wool. Seriously, that video is what started me on this whole crazy fair isle thing in the first place.)

3. I am continuing to knit on the striped scarf (this is 80 sts knit in the round as a tube which will later be flattened), and while I am closing in on the finish line, holy frak, people. I now remember why I hardly ever knit scarves. They feel like they’re never going to end.


All you people who knit scarves week after week…how in the heck do you do it? I’d forgotten what this is like. I started it as a sort of palate-cleanser project, having finished a couple of thought-intensive projects and looking for something simple…but now I long for a sweater or a lace shawl, something with pieces or stages or things that change up the rhythm a little bit. Even the amusement of changing colours at random intervals is starting to wear thin.

But I know that I’ll have the warmest warm scarf that ever warmed a knitter’s neck, come winter, and for that I will persevere and finish.

I hope you’ve had some enjoyable knitting time this weekend. Onwards to the week!


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