Daily Archives: November 26, 2009

A little bit behind

I had meant to do the blog drawing last night but things just got away from me – I seem to be hitting an energy wall this week and it’s not even over yet. But better late than never! I have drawn random numbers 28 and 41, which corresponded to blog commenters Stacy and Susan on my last post – congratulations! They have been emailed and bags will go out to them (as soon as I get them in my own hot little hands). And thank you to everyone for your comments on my last post. It is wonderful to hear about transit knitting, it’s one of my favourite kinds of knitting.

Today I’m having an at home day and attempting bits of work, but it’s way more fun finishing up my prep for my Steeking class on Saturday. Teeny weeny sweaters for cutesy-wootsy class projects for the win!


Oootchie coo. Adorable wee steeks.


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