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Nothing says happy holidays like manual labour

So it turns out that when you go from a few weeks of only an hour or so of knitting per day, to a couple of days in a row of knitting in the morning, afternoon, and evening, your arms and wrists and shoulders will respond with “HEY WAIT A MINUTE. OUCH, MAN.” To wit, I’ve been going pretty hard on the Tibetan Dreams stole for the past couple of todays, and it is starting to catch up to me.


A while ago, back when I still had fantasties of completing more than one knitted gift, I also had fantasies of having this finished to wear on Christmas Eve. I estimate that at an efficient pace, this stole still has about 8 hours left of knitting in it, so that fantasy is falling hard to earth right about now. I still can’t wait to finish it, though, to see what happens to it after blocking.


The yarn is gorgeous (Tanis Fiber Arts fingering, in ‘deep sea’), the beads are just right (silver-lined blue size 6 seed beads, thanks Arton beads on Queen St.), and I am looking forward to having one last grand finished object for 2009. Perhaps this is what I’ll be finishing off on Christmas day. I do promise to reduce my knitting hours today, though, so that my right shoulder doesn’t stage a revolt on me.

So instead I’ll switch to other forms of manual labour. Rum balls and other Christmas Eve treats aren’t going to bake themselves.


Whatever your holiday looks like, I hope it’s a good one and that you have some time for knitting and whatever form of relaxation you like. I’ll have a rum ball for you!


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