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I can do more than that

I made a moderately sized individual donation yesterday to Doctors Without Borders (in addition to the Knitters Without Borders trend, I’ve been a fan of them pretty much ever since James Orbinski came to speak at my undergraduate University convocation. I think they’re great.) in light of all the need for Haiti relief and support, but I keep reading more about it as news comes in and you know, I can do more than one donation.

From now until January 30th, 100% of all pattern sales from Knitting to Stay Sane (here at my Ravelry store) will go to Medecins Sans Frontiers/Doctors Without Borders. If you’ve been waiting to snag yourself a copy of Viper Pilots or 14 Karat or Rendezvous, if you do so now you can know that money is going to be passed right on forward. I’m going to eat the Paypal fees myself. $5 for Viper Pilots is $5 for people who are doing a hell of a lot of important work on the ground.

14 Karat Buy Now:

Viper Pilots Buy Now:

Rendezvous Buy Now:

Will be sure to report back in after the 30th and let you know how it has gone.

Happy knitting, as always!


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The last of the knits

(At least, the last knit from 2009, that is. Heh.)

Over the holidays I was staying at the House of the Kitty Cats (a short walk away from the homestead), along with my aunt who was visiting as well as my grandfather. The kitties got food and various humans to harass, so it all worked out for all parties concerned. On the knitting front, at the time I was finishing up my lace stole but there was no way I was going to risk bringing it over to a kitty household, on the off chance that a bored and enterprising feline found her way into my knitting bag and decided to play the Let’s Rip Up Glenna’s Knitting game.

Still, I wanted to have something to knit on for a bit in the mornings and evenings while I was there, and I had 2 skeins of Cascade 220 heathers in a lovely cranberry shade, so I decided one of these would be a new winter hat. I trolled around for Beret patterns before reminding myself that I am in fact in possession of the Made In Brooklyn booklet by Jared Flood, and that just because I already made one project from it doesn’t mean I can’t still make OTHER things from it. (Anyone else get that? You knit one thing from the book/magazine and then suddenly it retreats into your blind spot? No? All right then.)

Lo and behold, I present to you the Laurel beret. It’s great. I’m getting compliments on it all over the place.


I’m starting to embrace the knitted beret realm. I like that it lets me still have a ratty head of curls and look okay wearing a hat. The cables give this one a great deal of structure which means it doesn’t slouch nearly as much, and I’m cool with that. This is not the simplest of patterns, to be sure, but it’s worth it. I worked mine 2-3 rows at a sitting, spread out over a week.

There are a few errata which you’ll want to look up before beginning, but one that seems to have fallen through the cracks is the instructions for the bobbles – a quick check on Ravelry reveals that pretty much everyone who knits this has improvised their own bobbles because the instructions in the pattern do not give you a true bobble; I think a few rows got missed. Other than that, things are cool. I knitted the ribbing for the band on as snug a needle size as I could manage (3.0mm), and it fits me fine, but my guess is that people with smaller heads than me, and possibly fewer curls than me, may wish to eliminate 4-8 sts from the ribbing to achieve a snugger fit, then increase immediately in strategic places before beginning the pattern. (You’d want to make sure the ribbing flows well into the cables, this is the only tricky part of modifying the stitch count in this way.)


So in conclusion, I vote ‘yes’ on cabled berets. And on matching stockinette gloves to match, which I did too, finished while in New York so that I could break these out while wandering the MoMA on New Year’s Day. (Some days it is hard to be me.)

Incidentally, I also vote ‘yes’ on supporting the development and aid organizations currently on the ground in Haiti. I give charitably multiple times a year, but it’s pretty much a no-brainer to give to people like Doctors Without Borders at times like this. 7.0 Magnitude (For comparison, the ‘Great Quake’ of 1906 in San Francisco was 7.8.) quake directly underneath the capital city in a country that already struggles at the best of times? I cannot fathom what it is like on the ground there. I hope relief efforts are swift.

Happy knitting this Thursday, my fine friends.  I think if we’ve got yarn we’re doing pretty well.


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