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More or Less

Thanks to you fine folks, it looks as though I am going to be sending well over $350 to the even finer folks at Doctors Without Borders. Just as a reminder, 100% of cash from my pattern sales from now until January 30th will go into a donation to MSF/DWB. So that means you get more patterns to knit, I get the fun of knowing that more people are knitting my patterns, and MSF/DWB get a pile of money. I call that a win-win-win.

It is odd, at the same time that harsh reality is so confrontingly harsh in particular parts of the world right now, to be a person contemplating the parts of her own life with so much abundance. Last weekend I took a plunge into better stash organization and did a long-awaited IKEA trek to acquire new shelves for just this such purpose.


Dudes, I have a lot of yarn. Like, a lot. Is it a good thing or a bad thing that my yarn room/office now looks a lot like my own personal yarn shop? It is at the very least, all yarn that I like, and it’s taken several years to get to the stash collection that I have. My stash and me, we’re gonna do fun things.


As, I suppose, many people do from time to time, I have plenty of moments when I wish parts of my life were different. But I do have a lot of yarn, and it is yarn that I like, and it holds creative possibility. And in some ways that is a lot more than I could have.

So, I have decided to be okay with the fact that I have yarn. If it’s the one part of my life where there is too much of a good thing…I can be good with that.

And when I get home I am totally going to give it a hug.


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