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Knitting Detritus

A while back – I mean, four or five years ago – I remember reading about how if you save all of your yarn labels you could do super fun things with them like collages or decoupaged dress forms or various paper crafts. And I like stuff, and I like saving things that could potentially be useful (hello, yarn stash, nice to see you), so I just started shoving my yarn labels into a bag whenever I started a new project.

Some times, this comes in darned useful. If you are ever unsure of exactly how many yards were in the skein, or which dye-lot you used, or if that was the Cascade 220 blueish heather or somebody else’s blueish heather, or if you’ve got 34g leftover, how many grams did you use up from the original ball of how many grams did that weigh again?

But years later, I can see that what I have ended up with is, quite simply, a pile of yarn labels.


I can’t help thinking as though this is the moment when a Yarn Archivist should spring out from the next room and say “Aha! This is what it all means.” I can tell the yarns I have used most often, and also which yarns I only used once or twice and then never went back to.

Also, just looking at some of the labels themselves is sort of interesting. Let me tell you, yarn dyers – if you’ve got a label that can stand out in a pile like this, then you’re probably doing something right. Colours, shapes, images, logos, paper quality…they’re not all the same. Sort of neat to look at, in a really geeky way.


I don’t think I want to do any decoupage any time soon. But still…NOW what do I do with them?


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