Daily Archives: February 11, 2010


My current project-in-progress is coming along, albeit a bit slower but definitely steadily. Portland (from ‘A Fine Fleece’ by Lisa Lloyd’) is definitely one of those gratifying cable knits that feels even better in your hands after you keep on knitting it. There is a sort of cabled-brain effect where you start to think about the cables even after you stop knitting it. I like this phase of a project when things are still new and awesome and you haven’t hit the just-get-it-done-and-out-of-my-life phase yet. Because that phase always does seem to come around at some point.


In the mean time, I find myself suddenly debating whether to try going for the Knitting Olympics. I have no idea what project I would do, I hadn’t even considered it seriously until a couple of days ago, and yet…there is that accomplishment-driven knitter inside me just dying to get out. Would it add more stress and crazy to my life, or passion and excitement and frenzied exhilaration? I am not entirely sure. This may be a game-day decision.

Or, it has crossed my mind that even if I set a goal to finish Portland by the end of the Olympics, that would still mean that I will have finished it in less than a month. I may be slightly cynical about the Olympics, but I have deep and abiding appreciation for the feat of finishing a cabled sweater in less than a month. Hmm.

Decisions, decisions…


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