Daily Archives: February 15, 2010


As it happens, I will not be a Knitting Olympian this year, but I am okay with that. Having finished off a pair of on-the-go socks, I have spent the last few days in that unusual state of knitting monogamy and it’s pretty great how much you can get done even with a couple of hours a day, when only one project is taking up your attention – and even when that project is all-cables-all-the-time.


I’m now two-thirds of the way through the back of ‘Portland’, and the first sleeve has joined the party too – for portable knitting, you know – and I am going to keep up knitting on it while the project enjoyment is still there. I have a couple of things waiting in the wings to cast on for soon, but it is good to get over the lion’s share of a project like this before adding something else to the mix, so Portland and me it shall be.

It is a break week for me this week, which means I mercifully do not have to give any song and dance shows lectures for several days, but this big stack of grading next to me does mean it is simply a work-from-home week. With the extra bit of time I’m hopeful at re-booting my spinning energies, as my poor poor wheel has been all but neglected since late 2009.

Progress, people, progress. I’m gonna get there.

If you are a Knitting Olympian, I wish you godspeed and good finishing, may your knitting injuries be few and your yardage be plentiful.


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