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Did you know

Did you know, that sometimes, when you own a spinning wheel, you can actually go and use it? It’s true. And sometimes that spinning wheel will be kind enough with you that, should you stop spinning half-way through a skein, and neglect it for a few months entirely, the spinning wheel will NOT, actually, clomp its way into your bedroom in the middle of the night and beat the living daylights out of you until you promise to return to spinning with it.

No, it turns out that it will just wait patiently for you while you go on using your leisure time entirely for knitting and nothing at all related to spinning, despite promises of returning to a daily 20-minute spinning session. Spinning wheels are nice like that.



This is a hand-dyed bit of Falkland wool from The Sweet Sheep, purchased back in the fall and which I started spinning up before Christmas. (Named ‘Flintstoned’, yuk yuk yuk). It’s been quite pleasant to spin.

As my first attempt at spinning something multi-coloured, I decided to try the approach of splitting the length of fiber down the middle lengthwise, then spin each half individually starting at the same end, then ply them both together and hopefully end up with something approximating a striped skein of yarn.



And lo and behold, it sort of worked. It’s not perfect by any means, but there are definite sections of colour consistency – pink and blue and orange and purple sections, and the parts that weren’t perfectly matched are still nicely blended in similar tones for the most part. I’ll take it. It’s somewhere around a DK weight I think (104g altogether, not entirely sure of the yardage yet), and my consistency is gradually improving. I’m not quite as even as I would like to be, but I’m also not quite as over-twisted as I was in the beginning, and am cool with showing gradual progress.

The best part? This is how much was leftover after plying:


GO ME. THAT’S RIGHT, BABY. Just a couple of little yards left on one bobbin, the rest completely plied up! I rule.

No idea what this yarn (or any of my handspun for that matter) will become yet. Right now my goal is just to keep on spinning and producing more handspun and see how it goes. I’d like to learn chain-plying at some point, and actually figure out how to integrate more spinning time into my week. Because as it turns out, the spinning does not actually happen when you aren’t looking. Dang it.




And did you know that sometimes, you can actually make yarn? It’s crazy, crazy I tells ya. What they won’t think of next.


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