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A good old sock

At the tail end of 2009 I managed to cram in several finished objects in quick succession, so I suppose it is only fitting that the first finished objects of 2010 have been rather slow to reel in. I finished my Noro striped scarf and have been wearing it happily, but a week ago I finally finished the first pair of socks I’ve cast on this year. It’s actually been a few months since I’ve had a new pair of socks to add to my drawer, and they are pleasantly comfy.


These are the ‘Charade’ socks (pattern is currently, as far as I can tell, only available as a free Ravelry download – original web page seems to be non-existent), done up in Tanis Fiber Arts fingering weight in one of her new variegated colourways. This one is ‘rhythm’, and is suitably modest enough to go with my everyday wardrobe, which is what I was going for.


It’s a pretty easy pattern, and one that would look decent with either semi-solids or variegateds. The stitch pattern is slightly more snug than normal stockinette, so apply your knowledge of gauge and foot size accordingly. I do find, though, that while it’s an easy pattern and I like the way it looks, and I’ll probably knit it again at some time, it’s one of those sorts of patterns that requires just enough brain energy to make me weary of it after a while. So for my next in-the-handbag sock I’ve pulled a skein of Socks That Rock from the stash for a plain old 3×1 ribbed sock. (My standby sock approach, in the absence of Lorna’s Laces knitted into Jaywalkers, as is my want).


Me and Socks that Rock, though, we always have the pooling. It’s almost comforting, that I can count on that happening every time. Swooshy colourful socks, here we come.

Happy weekend knitting!


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