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Fine Indeed

After my sweater-progress post last week a few of you inquired again about the pattern and the yarn. Well, I can tell you that the yarn comes from Lismore Sheep Farm in Nova Scotia, and is a wooly sheepy yarn that works well at aran weight. It is quite similar to other homegrown woolen yarns like Briggs & Little. It works wonderfully for cables.

A Fine Fleece, I love it

The pattern comes from a book that I never get tired of talking about. This is the “Portland” pullover from the book A Fine Fleece, by Lisa Lloyd and published by Potter Craft. I reviewed the book a couple of years ago when it was first released and it has become one of those books that I constantly take off of the shelf just to look at. Ostensibly it is a book of patterns for handspun yarn, but all of the patterns appear with samples made up of commercially-available yarn, so it works very well as a set of patterns for a variety of yarn weights and (mostly woolen) fibres.

Many of the projects in the book are sweaters – I think about 18 if I counted correctly – and many also involve cables and texture, and relatively traditional construction. Still, there is a sort of town-and-country feel about the whole book and it is one of the few knitting books I’ve every come across that I would knit the entire thing without much hesitation.

So, I have decided to do just that. About a month ago I made the decision to permanently integrate this book into my knitting schedule – I will keep a Fine Fleece project on the needles at all times until I knit the entire thing. I’m guessing this’ll take me a few years, and I’m cool with that. The ladies at the Purple Purl have undertaken a book challenge to choose a book for an entire year – which I have complete and utter admiration for. I think I could do this book in a year and I think I’d learn a lot in the process, but I want to allow the challenge to fit in with the rest of my knitting life.

Are there knitting books out there which you could see knitting the whole works? Something to challenge and inspire?

Happy knitting this Friday!


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