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The Easy Nemesis

It’s been a pretty busy few months behind the scenes here at Knitting to Stay Sane, no secret about that – and I’m loving the design projects that I’ve completed so far this year, just as much as I’m looking forward to working on more. But damn if it doesn’t leave a knitter a bit fatigued after a while. To wit, a couple of weeks ago, after the Knitter’s Frolic, I started working on something I’d been saving for just such a moment. A moment that required just the right kind of brain activity. The sort of brain activity that leaves you in a place where only the most simple of stitches will do. Garter stitch.

Of course, I’m not sure what it says about me that I picked garter stitch on lace weight for my rebound-recovery project, but no matter. This is the start of a Bridgewater shawl, (pattern by Jared Flood in the Made in Brooklyn booklet), on lace-weight wool-mohair yarn from Wellington Fibres. I purchased one skein of this yarn at last year’s Knitter’s Frolic, and rounded out the yardage on a visit to their farm last August.


As yarns go, this does not suck. It is smooth and beautiful. And as I have personally met some of the angora goats who contributed to this yarn, I knew it had a limited shelf life in the stash before I had to take it out and get knitting. Make no mistake, it’s a beautiful pattern as well, and I am definitely hankering after a gorgeous Finished Object at the end.

However, let’s not overlook that the combination of garter stitch on lace-weight with a relatively smooth yarn is making the pace a bit slow. Garter stitch is so very…garter-stitch-y. I’m almost half-way through the garter stitch section – a square, around which one then picks up stitches at the edge to work a lace pattern. I am very much looking forward to that moment. I think by the time I get there my brain will be well and truly re-habilitated and looking for some complexity again.


Nobody ever said knitting wasn’t a challenge – what they forget to tell you is sometimes doing the easy job is the challenge.

You and me, garter stitch. Let’s go.


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