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Ticky Boxes

Thank you all very much for your comments on my last post, I appreciate them bunches. In the short term I know rationally that nothing is really that terribly dire, even if the part of my brain that would like there to be a firm and predictable long term is gurgling in self-doubt. I will spend a bit of time trying to come up with some next steps and I at least have lots of knitting to keep busy with. And I can use the rest of my time to work on a bit of writing. And blogging. And designing things. And training to run a half-marathon in September. Or, possibly trying to learn the choreography to Beyonce’s All the Single Ladies video. You know, whichever.


But since there is thankfully still knitting to be done, and human beings to interact with in the outside world, I met up yesterday with a few of the lovely ladies from Canadian Living, as I have been working on another project with them for an upcoming issue. One of the ladies in the group, Tina, has a system to keep track of instructions in knitting patterns whereby, if the pattern reads “Do this step 8 times”, or whatever it is, she then writes 8 little blank ticky-boxes on the pattern instructions sheet and ticks them off every time she does the step. It is so brilliant I am starting to think of other ways to apply this to my general existence.

It also reminded me of the fact that everyone, probably you included, has their own system to manage this sort of thing. After I designed Ivy I had a lot of people (still do occasionally) emailing me to ask me to explain the “at the same time” instruction: the instruction that indicates that, while you work the side shaping and then later the armhole shaping on one edge of the front piece, on the other edge of the piece you are working neckline shaping “at the same time.” It took me a while before I started to clue in that what some people were truly asking me was for me to tell them what system they were supposed to use to track this. After that I started suggesting things – check marks on the pattern page, stitch markers on the WIP itself. You could line up sets of jelly beans in different colours and eat them as you go, it really doesn’t matter. You can find your own system that works and still get the intended result.

So, I will now go off in search of my own life-organization version of ticky boxes. This should be interesting.

Happy knitting!


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