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Southern climes

After a couple of days in southern California I am still not entirely sure what to make of it. However, when one goes strictly for the fannish experience of Comic Con and follows it up with a tour of the WB studios, I am sure this is only one particular slice of the experience. Or is it? It all seems enticing and curious yet placeless at the same time. The people are lovely, though. And fans are a brand of crazy I can (mostly) get behind. Walking through the Comic Con exhibit halls and lineups for panels I extrapolated back to the frenzy of getting into Sock Summit last year and the energy of being there…and yeah. Not entirely unlike each other.




It is sort of like being inside the internet, but not exactly. It is like interacting with your favourite television shows, but not exactly. In a mostly good way, I think, but at the very least the sunshine and dry air and people are real. Which is great.





Today is one more day of road tripping, a stop at the famed Hearst castle, and some car music and knitting time. And then it will be back east again, where reality awaits me.

Screw reality.


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