Daily Archives: August 4, 2010

On deciding how much to care about that

I am moving merrily along on my Royale, and really enjoying it. I had a lot of fun when I knitted it the first time, and even though a second go-around always has a bit less excitement, I’m still really happy to be making one for me. And I like the colour.

And then I looked down at it the other night and realized that apparently I cannot, in fact, get away with neglecting reading my own charts, as much as I thought I could. Somehow I added some extra rows in the second repeat of the middle chart motif. Where the outside rows of the twisty twisty lattice bit should have completely woven towards each other, for some reason I decided to make them go along for a while in the middle for some extra rows.


So now, I am left to consider exactly how much I care about that mistake. I woke up this morning suddenly thinking about it (as one does), and thought “yeah, definitely have to rip it out and knit it over again. I mean, I’ve ripped up more knitting than that before, in the name of mistake-fixing. It can be done. And then I pulled it out and looked at the 3 inches of knitting I would have to undo in order to redo it…and I started bargaining with it. Maybe it will be a unique design feature. Maybe nobody will notice it anyway unless they are looking very hard. I mean, given the scoopneck, people should really be looking at my chest rather than my belly button. Hmm.

Maybe I’ll just go back to knitting a bit of lace while I think about that.


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