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The shawl is now thisclose to being finished. Just a few border rows and a bit of blocking and it’ll be done, and after that a bit more pattern drafting and it’ll be ready to go up for sale over at The Sweet Sheep. I’m happy that it’s almost finished (because then I get to fully show it off, and y’all will get to knit it too, if you should desire), and I can tell that I’m almost there because I’ve started longingly browsing other shawl patterns. Yesterday it was Knitted Lace of Estonia. When I was almost finished knitting my Bridgewater Shawl, I was giving serious contemplation to casting on Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Pi Shawl. (I restrained myself). It’s some strange lace-coloured-classes form of startitis, who can figure it.


On my last post many of you commented on the fact that I am using lifelines. I like lifelines. I’ve often used them while lace knitting because I like the sense of security, and in this instance they have been a great support during the design process. When I’ve gotten to a point in the project when I am happy with it and confident about moving forward from that point at the very least, I string in a lifeline. (Here: some of my Lorna’s Laces shepherd sock remnants. It’s non-grabby, thin, and colourfast, all good qualities in a lifeline). I’ve installed them at several points to support my progress, and it’s also a nice visual reminder of how far I’ve knitted. I like the advantage of knowing that if/when I have to rip something out, I’ll have a secure row of stitches to pick up. This doesn’t mean that my lace knitting is always mistake-free, mind you. I still make mistakes, I just give myself the option of a re-do if it gets to be that bad.


However, I know that there are knitters that don’t use them, and Erin reminded me that this is actually a subject of debate. (I know – a facet of knitting with multiple opinions about it. Shocking, isn’t it? (DPNs vs. Magic Loop. Aaaaand…go!)) So I’m piqued, dear knitting friends, do you use lifelines? Whether you do or don’t, know that I have 100% respect for you either way. But I am curious to know more about what goes into that decision or non-decision.

And in the mean time, I’m looking ahead to the next knitting projects and I think a return to cables, lots more teal green, and more sweaters are on the horizon. Even if fall does bring a return to “real” work for me, I’m happy about cold weather knitting also returning.

Happy knitting!


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