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Work in progress

Much to-doings at the moment here at Knitting to Sane, on all fronts. I’m finally having to get down to brass tacks on term prep, as well as a move coming up next week. (Not far, and not requiring furniture, but enough to involve a relocation for the next several months). So there’s lots going on in progress let alone adding the knitting in, which means there is sort of a steady-state level of crazy. But I am telling myself everything will get done and that means it all will get done, right? Right.

On the knitting front, my Lamplight shawl (previous posts) is close to release – it’ll be up at The Sweet Sheep soon, once Michelle has everything back up and running. She’s been a bit delayed coming back from maternity leave but never fear, when the pattern is available you’ll be the first to know!

I am quite excited about the knitting I’m doing at the moment, though, even if it adds more to my to-do list. I’m working on a cardigan with some delicious Merino/Silk DK from Indigodragonfly (don’t worry Kim – the sweater is actually in progress beyond this pile of swatches, I swear), still have the little cashmere sock shawlette for Tanis Fiber Arts, and just finished up another little yet-to-be-revealed thing with llama. I don’t thing regular wool is going to be the same after this. (“What’s the fibre content? Does it have silk or cashmere or llama? Oh no, I couldn’t possibly knit with it then…”)


I tell ya, it’s been a trip realizing that I’ve actually gotten to make friends with the swatching process. You can’t afford not to, while coming up with knitting patterns that other people will end up making. Once the stockinette gauge is nailed down, then it’s a matter of figuring out any stitch patterns and what matches up or feels good with the yarn or with the concept, and that’s led me to situations that I hadn’t anticipated. As for example, the time earlier this week when I’d only gotten half-way through the swatch I was working on, and I already knew at that point that the stitch pattern wasn’t going to do what I wanted it to do, and I had to ask myself “so are you going to finish that swatch anyway?”

I finished the swatch. Most of the time, I finish the swatch. It makes me feel like I’ve gotten a mini accomplishment to work from. Swatches, you’re OK.

Happy knitting this weekend!


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