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But I’m not sure how I feel about Fred Astaire mingling with Step Up

It’s been a week, dear blog friends, one of those weeks where even the most well-meaning of bloggers is going to drop the ball occasionally. And I don’t love apologizing for less-frequent blogging, because it always feels a bit myopic and indulgent, and let’s face it y’all have many important things to pay attention to on a daily basis. But I did have a move this week, and summarily have been spending the last few days in a sort of constantly frazzled state; Or what diplomatic people would probably call “settling in.” Add in a bit of actual work, continued knitting work (2 revelations next week, promise), prepping an Actual Bonafide Talk About My Knitting for the K-W Knitter’s Fair next weekend, and adjusting to being a Cyclist Commuter during Ontario’s final gasps of pulling off a slightly more humid impression of living on the face of the Sun, and I am not entirely sure how it got to be Friday already, but it did.

And on the upside, my new spot is starting to resemble a habitable environment with most items unpacked, I have access to an actual and for real new Local Yarn Shop that I can walk or bike to whenever I want (it’s been years since I actually had an LYS that was only minutes away), a new bike to get around town in, and even though I am fretting over all the things I have to do over the next month or two, it’s at least better to be busy than to have nothing to do at all.

So since it is Friday, and me and my knitting have a fabulously glamorous evening planned, I’ll let YouTube ring in the weekend with a bit more flair.

Extra points for the Strictly Ballroom inclusions. But I’m still not sure how I feel about Fred Astaire being clipped together with Step Up. I’ll have to watch it about ten zillion more times, just to be sure. And suddenly I am reminded that I never did manage to go and learn that ‘Single Ladies’ choreography. Tsk. What have I been doing with my summer?

Hug your knitting this weekend!


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