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I think the acoustics are best over by New York Fries

So, having been in Toronto for the weekend, I went over to the Purple Purl yesterday for their pre-Boxing-Day Boxing Day sale. There were $5 bins, 50% off bins, 20% off everything ELSE. I bought some yarn, my sister hugged the piles of yarn and then bought two sweaters’ worth, I saw all the fun people who were there, sympathized with Jen who had wrenched her ankle slipping on the ice that very morning and yet still came in and stood at the cash register, hung out and knitted for a bit, and it was great.

And then I lost all my photos on my camera card.

Yesterday evening when I went to get my photos off of my camera card, the crappy card reader I’d just bought went and corrupted all the files, and for all I know I may not have any photo record of all the cute yarn-hugging, let alone the other scadloads of photos that I don’t have copies saved of. (Note to self: SAVE ALL THE COPIES.)

But since Monday has sort of become YouTube day around here, here. Instead of pretending to visualize photos of a yarn sale, instead you could watch this Hallelujah Chorus flash mob video that my mom sent me a link to. It is a non-sucky start to the day.

And now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go nurture my denial about just exactly how bad my Christmas knitting procrastination has gotten. I’ll be over here in the corner if you need me.

Happy knitting!


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