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From the other side of Christmas

This year was my first Christmas not spent in southern Ontario – my sister and I headed west instead, to Edmonton where our aunt and grandfather are, while our parents celebrated in Australia during their year abroad there. It was an enjoyable holiday – low key, mostly family, lots of food, and very little internet.

I finished my grandfather’s socks in the nick of time, at lunch on Christmas day. There was even time to knit my aunt a headband for a gift on Boxing Day, to match the hat I’d made her two years ago.


Christmas dinner was a larger affair with many cousins, and 4 generations around the same table.


My aunt’s cat enjoyed many new laps to sit in.


We even paid a visit to a couple of yarn shops – Ewe Love it, and River City Yarns, and I snagged a few nice skeins of things to dream up projects for.


And today before heading to the airport, we had a suitably comfort-food-ish lunch of burgers and milkshakes. Edmonton airport is only slightly nutty instead of full-on nutty, and we are crossing fingers for a good connecting flight.



Catch you back on the Ontario end soon! I’m looking forward to a bit more knitting and sitting holiday time before the new year rings in. I hope all your holidays are/have been well.

Happy knitting!


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