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Knitters’ time

So. It’s cold around here. Cold enough that today it is only at the freezing mark and that means that it has “warmed up” a lot and that people are commenting on how nice the weather is. Yesterday was the new low mark for the season, cold enough that your handbag instantly stiffens when you go outside, cold enough to layer two hats together because one is not enough, cold enough that it is negative double digit temperatures no matter if you are reading it in Celsius or Fahrenheit.

Cold enough that your breath freezes to your hair while walking to the bus stop.


Cold enough that I am wondering what the hell I was doing back in the fall when I flipped through Elizabeth Zimmerman’s ‘Knitter’s Almanac’ and decided to cast on for the Pi Shawl when instead, I should really have been focussed on the knitted leggings. Cold enough that for a while I was starting to consider sitting in a bubble bath as a valid and semi-permanent lifestyle choice.

And the thing that makes Canada great, of course, is that no matter how cold it is where you are, there is always some other part of the country that has it worse. So you layer up all your knitted garments and go outside anyway because that’s what we do. And thank goodness for knitted garments.

I’m about to wrap up a set of designs that have been in the works for a few months and am looking ahead to starting new ones, but for the moment I just want to put all of that on pause and knit socks. Plain, comfortable, wool, colourful socks, all for me.


I sorted through the stash on the weekend and pulled out a skein of Socks That Rock (mediumweight, in a mill end and therefore unknown colourway) and cast on for a pair of 3×1 ribbed socks (my favourite), and am loving it. Warmth and colour, that’s what I want. I have been stopping occasionally to return to a neglected Work In Progress, a poor pair of Jaywalkers that I started last summer and then set down in September, never to return to them until now. It’s only the foot of the 2nd sock that needs finishing, so I can surely get those suckers done soon and add another new pair to my sock drawer to start the year.


They are also warm and colourful and therefore just what this knitter ordered. Sometimes socks are what you need.

Stay warm and knitterly!


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