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A pause for colour

There are a lot of knitters out there who are capable designers and figure-out-ers who I have heard testify that they never knit anyone else’s patterns, only their own. I admire this, yet also never quite understand how they are able to do that. It’s not just the wealth of delicious knitting patterns that are out there to choose from (I wonder if they miss out on fun stuff as a result), it’s that I wonder how they are able to give their brains a rest once in a while. One of the most challenging parts of my triple life as a knitter/blogger/designer is finding a balance between all three, and some weeks it’s the hardest job of my life. When I’m designing things it means I’m responsible for All The Decisions that go into that thing, and it takes up a lot of my brain energy, and quite frankly some times my brain needs to not be in charge of All The Decisions. Sometimes it needs time to remember that I’m a knitter who likes knitting.

I’m in the process of changing over from some finished or almost finished design projects and starting in on some new ones, and took the opportunity to cast on something new that wasn’t something my brain had to be completely in charge of. Of course, it’s still a cabled pullover, which probably tells you something about my particular brain’s idea of “rest,” but you know, it’s whatever your brand of crazy is.


A couple of weeks ago at the Vogue Knitting event of my classes was with Anne Hanson, on sweater fit and modification. (Hint: your body is probably not the same as the pattern schematic’s body. the only sweater that will fit your body exactly is one that you’ve either written for yourself or modified from the pattern instructions.) We were meant to bring a pattern, yarn, and swatch with us as part of the class work, and I did so, thinking that I’d just use them for the validity of the exercise and then carry on knitting all the other things I had to work on.


And then, a fun thing happened. After the class, it occurred to me that I really did want to make the sweater. So I cast on. It’s the Dusseldorf Aran pullover by Fiona Ellis, which I remember being interested in when it came out in Interweave Knits a year and a half ago. I matched it up with some magenta Berroco Ultra Alpaca purchased last March (yes, it really is that pink), because this winter already feels like it’s going on forever and I could use some magenta in my life. It’s great. It’s turned into a “knit on this for at least 10 minutes in the morning” sort of project, and the cables are gently rolling along and the colour makes me happy.

Here’s hoping you’ve got some delicious winter knits on your needles. Happy almost weekend!


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