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I think you need to look at a cute picture of a baby with some yarn

This weekend marked the 2nd (annual?) knitter’s retreat weekend for a bunch of us folk connected through the Toronto area knitting circles, and it was once again a great idea. It was like a big giant pause button. My sister came along for the first time and described it on the drive back as “knit, knit, drink, cackle, laugh, knit, eat…” and that’s about right, I think. Sort of like a Rhinebeck festival weekend, but without the festival. This year I did at least remember to bring my camera but developed a case of cam-nesia for much of the weekend.

Still, I think I captured some highlights. There was food (a lot of food), including a specially commissioned yarn-ball cake (note: actual cake. Not just a ‘yarn cake’):


There was a lot of knitting, and also a lot of yarn, made more plentiful by the fact that Kim brought her wares to sell (then hoarding began):


We watched DVDs, sat and knitted, ate and drank, and generally pressed reset before heading out again. Before Sunday’s final sendoffs, little baby J was much encouraged in her future yarn addictions by a brief photo-shoot. Someone had to bathe in the tubs of yarn, right?


And then she realized she could grab onto the things surrounding her, at which point she became oblivious to the knitterly paparazzi surrounding her. (You know she’s totally checking out the yardage. Need to make the right selection).


I hope you have a good week ahead, dear knitters!


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