Daily Archives: February 20, 2011

Greetings from the west

This week I have the annual middle of term winter break week, and when I can I like to take a couple of days to escape town and see a change of scenery. This year I thought “hey, I’d like to check out Vancouver,” and happily enough Erin agreed with this plan and generously offered to host me. It has been a lovely weekend so far, and weather-wise I am very much enjoying the sunshine and slightly above-freezing temperatures. Green grass, man. It really DOES exist. Who knew?

I’ve been doing a moderate amount of geeking out over the downtown sights and all the buildings and intersections that stand in for various cities on various television shows, and it is at the same time unassailably cool that Fringe/Smallville/Battlestar Galactica/X-Files/etc all actually take place within a few blocks of each other, and yet also it sort of feels like it should be generating some kind of rift in the space-time continuum. But still. The Daily Planet. And Caprica. That’s awesome.



Other than a decent amount of walking I can report a great deal of food-eating has occurred and will likely continue. Today promises more of same along with some knitterly company and I look forward to the mini-break continuing. I’ve been happily knitting away on a few projects and no doubt will encounter new and enticing yarns. This can hardly be bad. Onwards!






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