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Vancouver, you’re all right. But I mean, we knew that, right? We got the memo on the west coast awesomeness. But I’m glad to have verified that for myself. The air is just different out here. The west coast is paradoxical in many ways – prosperous but socially polarized, expensive but sustainably-minded, and yet I still come away thinking that it’s the west that’s going to save us. People out here care about stuff. (Which isn’t to say that people out east don’t, of course. I think being surrounded by oceans and mountains every day must translate something different, perhaps.)


I capped off my visit yesterday with a day of walking – the park, the downtown, the art gallery (awesome and trippy exhibit involving a mirror of mazes) and a bit of visiting with Meg, who was fresh from the awesomeness of Madrona knitting weekend and happy to chat about knitterly things. Erin has been a lovely host and made sure I saw lots of the city, though I admit this also feels as though I have eaten the entire city, so maybe one makes the other possible. There were also a lot of conversations about Sock Summit (I met both of them there 2 years ago) and our hopes to attend, learn, volunteer, and continue the path of knitting world domination in general.


Knitting-wise, Vancouver has much to recommend it. I only made it to 2 knitting shops but they were wonderful. Baaad Anna’s (love the name) in Hastings Sunrise is small but well curated, and friendly. And sarcastic. (See above). I came away with some pottery mugs and whimsical buttons.

Sunday dawned with anticipation of a yarn shop visit as well as brunch with Erin’s knitting friends, who were all fabulous and whose names I am going to forget right now, but take my word for it that it was a great brunch, both for the food and the company. (Seriously, go to Burgoo. Do not pass go, go directly to the delicious piles of food).


We carried on to Three Bags Full, which is a remarkable little shop. Several local yarns along with a very sturdy selection of standby pics – possibly the best selection of Cascade 220 I’ve seen outside of Romni Wools in Toronto, which is saying something. I had a falling down in front of the Noro Silk Garden and came away with a sweater’s worth, but someone had to take that hit for the team since I learned that all four of the other ladies were on a stash diet. (They’re also all waiting to see who goes out first. Heh.)


And today it’s back on a plane again and back to reality, but it’s been a slice and I’ve got new yarn, a bunch of knitting progress, and 2 pounds of Vancouver coffee coming back with me to prove it. Thanks, west coast, let’s do it again some time!





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