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I’m long overdue for some blogging time, and it’s been a scattered last week or two. Since we last met over here, I’ve been keeping my fair share of busy, no worries there!

1. I ran a 5k race last Sunday, my first race of 2011 and a good kick in the pants to get into gear with my running training. Since then I have been scurrying back to my running literature and am contemplating spring training plans. This year I’ll do two half marathons and two 10k races if all goes according to plan. (one each in the spring, then fall).

2. The fact that I actually scaled this plan back from 3 halfs and 3 10ks is probably an indication of my nuttiness not being confined only to knitting. (As for my actual finishing times…hoping for some improvement, but we’ll see how it all goes. Continued and dedicated training is the plan).

3. Since the calendar ticked over to March a little switch flipped in my brain and now all I can think of is how soon will the weather catch up, ditch the ice and snow, and let me take my bike out for a tune-up. I’ve been a winter pedestrian for long enough and am itching to get the wheels out again.

4. I’ve also been counting down the remaining number of weeks of lecture-writing and assignment-grading, make no mistake. This is both encouraging and depressing, since the end of said period will also usher in an unemployed state of existence, so. That’s fun.

5. Knitting design work continues apace, and right now I’m scurrying away to get my selection finished for Tanis’ yarn club. (Which you can still sign up for at any time of the year, BTW. Not that I’m enabling you or anything.)

6. I also finished another pair of ribbed socks to add to the sock drawer. They’re very comfy and serviceable, and I’d be happy to show them off if i hadn’t forgotten my photo-card reader at home. D’oh.

7. This means I have a gap in the “portable sock project” area, and feel that a new pair of Jaywalkers is nigh. I’m torn between various Lorna’s Laces shepherd sock colourways in my stash, (gothic Vampire Tea Party, or soothing Montrose? sock yarn battle! who will win! Film at 11!) and also reminded yet again how much I love my stash. It’s there for me when I need it.

8. I got laid flat end of last week with some kind of cold/flu that sapped my energy and fogged up my brain and I very much do not recommend. It sucked the life out of me so much I didn’t even feel like knitting. It’s a pretty sucky day indeed when I have no energy to knit. (Just a little tip from me to you: don’t get sick.)

9. Would you like a fun YouTube video to look at? I think you should look at this one. And find a fun song to play for your Monday.

More blog happenings soon, folks! I hope your knitting is waiting happily for you at the end of the day.


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