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My evil plan is working

All winter I’ve had a mental to-do list of knitting accessories far longer than what I’ve actually managed to get to. Try as I might, the fantasy knitter in my head is still a faster knitter than the knitter-me in reality. But spring has been slow in arriving so far this year, and reports have been predicting a cool start to the season. So I decided yesterday to just go ahead and cast on one more pair of mitts – and if it tempts the weather fates, then so be it.


On the one hand, if it stays cool, then I’ll actually get to wear the mitts before the summer. But if my karmic experiment ends up bringing on the warmth and rendering my new winter accessories on-standby-only until next fall, well, then at least that means it’ll be warm outside. Win-win! I’ve cast on a pair of my own Azalea mitts pattern for me (in Sweet Sheep Tight Twist sock – very sturdy), since I didn’t keep the original sample on these, and if I get to use them they’ll be great for convertible bicycling mitts as the weather transitions.


I’ve also taken the opportunity to branch out and try a new set of needles at the same time. I’ve gotten into the habit of using Knit Picks circulars for most projects in the last couple of years, and I love the pointy tips and the flexible cables – especially for Magic Loop. But there are so many other needles out there to choose from and I was enticed by the flexible red cables on these ChiaoGoo stainless steel circulars (scroll down). Many of the knitters over at Needles in the Hay use them and dang it, I wanted to see for myself.


Well, after 24 hours of using the 2.5mm for Magic-Looping on my mitts, I’m already pondering which other sizes to go back to the shop for. Do I need more than one set for socks? Maybe I do. And err, at least a set each for DK and worsted weights, right? I love them. The tips are pointy, the cables are just flexible enough to be comfortable but not so floppy they get in the way, and the little bend at the base of the tip means that the cords don’t swivel. I’m not usually the kind of knitter to go on raves about equipment (I like to cut to the chase, errr, the yarn itself), but these needles get my vote. I’m glad I branched out. Who knows what else is around the corner?

One thing’s for sure. Since I started these mitts yesterday, in between yesterday’s week-ahead weather forecast, and today’s, predicted daytime temperature highs have already gone up a couple of degrees. My evil plan is working.

Happy Friday, and happy weekend to come!


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