Daily Archives: April 5, 2011

It’s a start

The crazy continues around here. Mix normal end-of-term crazy in with life crazy and imminent moving crazy, and you’ve got yourself one twitchy knitter. I am starting to get the spring cleaning and furniture-rearranging and possessions-sorting impulse (making order out of chaos? go figure), except I can’t actually get on most of that until I’m actually fully moved back home again for the summer, and that’s happening in stages over the next few weeks.


But I can at least start with the knitting. A few needles have been piling up in corners, post-Finished-Object, and my notions kits have lost all sense of order. The one that sits at home took the corner of a soda spill the other day and sticky stitch markers were the result, and some of the ones in the kit that sit in my handbag had started to migrate out into the world, who knows where. So, heck. That’s at least a manageable bit of ordering I can deal with. I pulled out the bigger things and gave them a clean, then dumped all the stitch markers into some steaming water for a little bath. Pleasantly good as new.


It’s a start. Bigger things later on.


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