Summer logic

I think if one so happens to be sitting down to knit with a shiny, pink, girly-ish sort of skein of yarn, then one should definitely also have a pink, girly-ish sort of drink to go with it.


I mean, that’s just the only reasonable thing to do.

I thought so.


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23 responses to “Summer logic

  1. pip

    yes! that’s just about right :)

  2. I’m knitting with girly-pink. I think I need a girly-pink drink, too.Right after a nap…

  3. Amazing logic…I like the way you think!

  4. Yummy! Wish I was there!

  5. peacefulknitter

    Lovely and perfectly logical! I’m knitting with a dirty teal yarn, so…dirty martini, perhaps?

  6. FoFo

    Seems very logical to me! I need a drink can I come over?

  7. Chandi

    Yep, sounds right!

  8. Marie

    Funny you should mention this… I’m working with black yarn and drinking a black and tan beer. Wonderful concept perhaps I should indulge more frequently.

  9. 100% agreed. Now that’s a great way to spend some time!

  10. tinebeest

    Yeah, sounds right.

    Any suggestions for something to accompany my navy blue Honeysuckle from Rowan, so I can join this trendsetter?

  11. Maringouin

    What a beautiful photograph–I love the way you caught the reflection in the surface of the drink!

  12. pbiljana

    agree! :-D

  13. perfect!! martinis and knitting, a classic pairing. You’re like my knitting hero.

  14. Kelli

    Most Definitely

  15. I totally agree =)

  16. Wow that looks so good.

  17. I love the project bag! Where did you get it?

  18. I can think of no better plan than to have a coctail to match your project.

  19. Diane


  20. I like that color yarn alot.

    Is that a pair of socks you’re making?

  21. Definitely the only way to knit. Wonder what would go with the baby blue booties I’m about to start on….

  22. Becky