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Skipping the markers

It’s been a week of good knitting progress so far, and although attention to the Peacock Feathers shawl isn’t quite as far along as I’d like it to be (errr, only 5 weeks away until Sock Summit deadline, HEH), but it’s coming along nicely.


As often happens with lace patterns (and as I have often done myself when writing patterns, and I completely support this approach as an option), this one directs you to use stitch markers to denote pattern repeats on the lace rows. After the second chart or so, when I’d gotten to one of the rows requiring you to shift the markers left or right by one stitch, I decided spontaneously to just ditch the markers altogether. And you know what? It was the best decision ever. I found that I had been paying more attention to the markers than to the emerging lace itself, and that without the markers I was able to focus more on what the lace actually looked like – I was “reading” my knitting much more clearly. It was very much an “ahhhhh” moment.

Sometimes I often think with knitting patterns that if we could just write down what’s in our head, it would save us so much trouble. That if it were just possible to say “okay, so you’re making this lace pattern where there’s a skinny swooshy thing waving around alternating between these other larger leafy swooshy things, and there are yarnovers in between all of them, and you’ll do that for a while until it switches to something different,” then it would all work. But then on the other hand, maybe the process is about getting your own brain to come to that conclusion all on its own?

In the event that this is far too philosophical for a Wednesday, I’ll leave you with a picture of wee Athena, one of my two kitty companions this week. I give her until Friday before she figures out how to send emails and order from Amazon.


Catch you next time! Stay cool, and keep the knitting close by.


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