Daily Archives: October 8, 2011

Forward motion

I’m chugging onwards with the Rhinebeck sweater and just might have it on track. (Or so she says now.) I’m well into the body now and with a bit of string and crazy glue this thing might make it on time after all, which is great since, you know, weather reports are predicting sunny and warm temps for next week. Which is really what you are looking for in a weekend when everyone brings knitted sweaters made just for the occasion.


But really, who cares what the weather is going to be like next weekend? I’m knitting my sweater and it’s fun and snuggly and cozy and I feel like those are the important criteria for kicking off fall with a bunch of knitters. If it isn’t sweater weather then pfffflllbbbppptt, so there.

The real reason I can tell I’m making good progress on the sweater, though, is that I’m starting to look longingly at all the rest of my yarn and the zillion other plans and ideas I want to get going on. Nothing says “almost done” like “what else could I be knitting right now?”


It’s Thanksgiving weekend here, and that means lots of food and more knitting time this weekend, which is pretty great. Allow me to extend my thanks to you, dear blog readers, for coming along for the ride with me these past 5 years and more. I am 100% grateful for knitting, knitters, yarn, and everything I have been able to do because of them.

Knit on! And happy weekend.


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