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Rhinebeck 2011

The New York Sheep and Wool Festival (aka Rhinebeck) is pretty much a guarantee of a good time. There are people and yarn, and if you’re not finding much of one you can usually find some of the other, and even if by the end of it my introverted self has had so much sensory overload that I am on the verge of becoming feral and clutching said yarn in the middle of an airport waiting on my (delayed) flight home, it’s never not worth it.


This time around a bit of an odd thing happened to me – I made a list of things I wanted, and stuck to it. Rather than filling up on appetizer yarns one or two skeins at a time and having no room for an entree of awesome sweater yarn purchases, I went right for some lovely sweater quantities of yarn at Briar Rose and then Miss Babs (pics tomorrow), and then finished off with an aperitif of two more pairs of Signature circular needles (I’m so sunk. I’m just going to keep filling in the collection, I can tell), and a Jennie the Potter mug, and then I was done. And it wasn’t even lunchtime yet.


So after that it was just about wandering – which is nice because there were a whole lot of people to wander with. It is a good and strange thing to converse with knitters mostly through Ravelry and the blogosphere and then suddenly get to see them live in 3D all in one go. And reaffirming to have so many people to wave to across the crowds and hug when you get to them. Knitters are great.


Gretchen (maplemom) was there with her mum and she was showing off her lovely, lovely Royale, and they were great to say hi to.


I saw Kristin, Angela, and Elinor, and for some reason did not manage to snap a picture of Elinor with her eyes open.


I played Rhinebeck bingo again (and did not get bingo, again, but still met some more knitters)…


I showed Elspeth the progress on my Longbottom cardigan, which is destined to be modelled (and then kept) by her husband, and got a pretty great reaction…


And I even got my own Rhinebeck sweater done in the nick of time, and got photographed in it by Melissa, and I love the pictures so much that I need to wait to post them in a post of themselves. Preferably accompanied by a finished pattern, I think.

And I petted some sheep, and ate a lot of food, and got some decent transit knitting done, and when i finally got home I fell into the best coma sleep on the planet.


Thanks for being awesome, knitters! Let’s do it again next year.


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