Daily Archives: October 21, 2011


It’s been an odd week around these parts – first it took me a solid couple of days to catch up on sleep/energy from the expenditures of Rhinebeck weekend, and then there were a few days of family waiting and uncertainty ending in some sad news. My knitting mojo’s taken a hit this week as well, I’m sure partly due to the above and also partly due to the regular post-project-completion ennui of finishing up my Rhinebeck sweater just in the nick of time.

And so while there are several projects scattered around that I could and should be working on at this very moment (including finishing writing up the pattern for said Rhinebeck sweater), I’ve reached instead for the Briar Rose Abundance purchased at last year’s Rhinebeck. Despite the “worsted” indications on the labels, I read it as a bulky yarn since it swatches up nicely over 14 sts/4 ins.


If I can get a complete full length sleeve in less than a day, sign me up for that action for a little bit. I’ll let the other projects fight with it for some time, but a bit of cozy bulky purple wool is feeling pretty good at the moment.

Like my last sweater, this is starting with a sleeve and some cables, but unlike my last sweater, I actually have a fully-formed plan for it right from the starting gate. More sweater coziness ahead, which is good, since the fall wind doth blow out there.

I hope your weekend is restful and full of knitting! I’ll catch you again next week.


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