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A day with Elizabeth, and some knitters

Yesterday I spent a very fun day at the Purple Purl, teaching a project class on working EPS seamless yoke sweaters (that’s “Elizabeth’s Percentage System,” for those out there still encountering Elizabeth Zimmerman’s writings), and colour-work selection. If I’m a good girl maybe they’ll even have me back to teach it again some time. All I can say is I thought I was going to just teach the class and have fun and then go home and keep knitting the stuff I have to keep knitting, except now I want to go and knit another one of my OWN seamless yoke sweaters, because I feel like you can’t actually have too many of that sort of thing, and anyway isn’t winter coming soon? ::cough::

But yes, it was a fun day. Everyone brought their swatches – I’d expected plain swatches in the round or flat “speed swatches,” but then there were some inventive swatchers in the group. Sasha did hers in a multi-gauge affair, noting needle changes as she went.


Then Laura did hers as a hat, which I think is pretty awesome and that Elizabeth Zimmerman would totally approve, and now I sort of wish I’d told everyone to just go knit a hat. Next time, I will.


And we talked a lot about the EPS numbers, and yoked sweater construction, and took lots of notes. And we talked about colour…


And selected yarn…


And everyone coloured in their own customized charts, and we all fondly recalled colouring in kindergarten…



And then the afternoon was over and we all went home with ideas and yarn. The end.

But actually, it’s not the end, because before I left I went and looked at the “new” Elizabeth Zimmerman book, Knit One, Knit All. It’s a collection of patterns of Elizabth’s largely from the 1970s, which never got published because nobody thought it would sell. And I have to admit, I didn’t think a book of garter stitch patterns was something I needed in my life – but then I looked through the book and it turns out I was wrong, because I bought it and now I want to knit at least half of it.


I’m going to try to exercise a little bit of patience, though, and finish one of my current projects first. Then maybe I’ll knit a garter stitch jacket. Or just a hat to take the edge off.

Happy Monday, and I hope your knitting is waiting for you at the end of the day!


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