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Adventures in yarn world

So, if you were staring at a display of Noro Kureyon, and there was a cubby half-filled with yellowish-green/pink/purple #221, and one lone skein of yellow/green/pink #95 (you can go ahead and look at the colours on that link, I’ll wait) that you were trying to locate as one of the several single-skein oddballs to pull and re-house…do you think you’d be able to do that? This weekend I learned that, as it turns out, I can do that, and continue to be impressed and amazed at the tiny bits of yarn and knitting knowledge that stack up in one’s brain, lying in wait until who knows when. (It turns out that little tiny challenges like this occur with other Noro colourways, and with other yarns. Yarn world, you so crazeh.)


In other words, I spent Friday through Sunday pinch-hitting as yarn shop staff at the Purple Purl, and it was great fun. Turns out I am also at least moderately capable of minding a cash register and making lattes, and I gained a bit more of a sense of what it is like to be behind the scenes in yarn world. Everyone shops an LYS a bit differently, with different yarns and patterns (or not) in mind, and it was a great learning experience to be on the shop floor like that.

So much of the weekend passed by in a blur that when I took out my camera to see what I’d actually remembered to take pictures of, I was delighted to find these ones of Toronto knitter and fellow shop pinch-hitter Jen, who was knitting the greatest socks on Saturday and Sunday. (And yes, she was working two-at-a-time, and yes, she was knitting them standing up.)


These are her leftovers socks – everyone who saw them wanted to know what she was doing because they were turning out just that awesome. She is making these with her leftover sock yarn, doing chunks of colour, then alternating 2-3 rows of two colours in the transitional points of switching to a new colour, and so on. They were awesome. She said she has plans for other colour combinations based on her leftovers.


She inspired at least one other shopper to buy hat-making yarn to do the same approach, I can report. It does make one wonder what treasures might be waiting at home in the stash, even in the baskets of oddballs. Don’t discount the odds and ends, man, they’ll surprise you.

I hope you’re keeping well this week, and that your December knitting is going at a good pace. One other thing I learned this weekend is that, if you should happen to be embarking on a whirlwind of gift knitting? You are really, really not alone. As for me, I’m settling in with a big mug of tea (or three) and hunkering down with some deadline knitting. December is a big get ‘er done month for me, and I’m going to show the knitting who’s boss. (I hope it turns out to be me.)

Happy Tuesday! And happy knitting as always.






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